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An update about ccscript3 and ccaudio2

From: David Sugar
Subject: An update about ccscript3 and ccaudio2
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 07:40:39 -0400
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I think ccscript3 is essentially complete at this point. The primary reason it remains at 0.7.x rather than 1.0 is twofold. First, I would not be surprised to find some additional minor issues in ccscript3 as bayonne development goes forward. But the second reason is that until a rpl server, like Troll, is completed and tested, I do not know what issues may remain to be found in ripple. I suspect there will be some ripple issues requiring updates in ccscript3. I do not think there will be any new major release versions, however, and once a ripple server is tested out, ccscript3 will be released as 1.0.

ccAudio2 requires a lot of additional work. This includes more codecs, completing container support for mp3 and ogg, and full duplex audio for w32, os/x, and alsa support in addition to oss. In short there are a lot of open issues in ccaudio2, and really it has the minimum features and functionaly needed to support Bayonne2. The audio soundcard support for multiple targets would be nice to complete, as there are already softphone clients built around ccrtp, and it would be nice for them to be able to use ccaudio2 for a portable audio subsystem. Other parts would be nice to complete for a variety of reasons. Most issues in ccaudio2 I either do not have time to investigate at the moment, or the knowledge on how to make some of the different sound systems work fully.

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