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Build errors on AIX 5.2 with VisualAge C++

From: Ronald.Horrell
Subject: Build errors on AIX 5.2 with VisualAge C++
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 14:42:12 -0400

        I was able to successfully compile commoncpp2-1.3.13 on AIX using 
VisualAge C++ after some minor tweaking:

* include/cc++/string.h -- line 114 "#pragma pack()" wasn't liked, pack 
requires a value, I commented out the pack statements. (I have seen this in 
earlier versions as well)

* ./include/cc++/config.h & ./include/config.h -- I had to manually comment out 
HAVE_STRINGS_H.  Configure finds and accepts strings.h but when it is included 
it produces numerous errors.

Here are some system Details:


  Fileset                      Level  State  Type  Description (Uninstaller)
  vacpp.cmp.core       C     F    VisualAge C++ Compiler

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