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Re: bug in bison 1.875

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: bug in bison 1.875
Date: 28 Feb 2003 00:37:47 -0800
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Martin MOKREJŠ <address@hidden> writes:

>   I've bison compiled on Tru64Unixc 5.1A with cc. I had to decrease
> optimization flags from -O2 to -O, otherwise even latest version of
> compiler crashed. However, one test supplied with automake-1.7.2 fails
> because of bison crashing.

Did you successfully run "make check" when you built Bison?  If so, I
suppose that we should add the automake test to the Bison test suite.

> I don't know if it would be better to force lower optimization in
> general,

It should be sufficient to have "make check" detect stuff like this.

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