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bug in bison ?

From: Dr. Tony Dusoir
Subject: bug in bison ?
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 14:02:27 +0100 (CET)

I and Fergus Daly at Dundee found a problem building the latest grap-1.27
under the latest Cygwin release.  By 'building grap' I mean  using the
standard sequence:-    configure, make, make isntall, etc. I attach the
log from 'configure', the resulting Makefile and grap.cc.  In these
circumstances YACC=bison -y.The version of bison under the latest Cygwin is
1.875.  A  'make'  bombs out with a parse error "at line 3381", but the
problem seems to be simply a missing final semi-colon on line 3378, at the
end of the  __attribute__scall.  At least, if you insert a semi-colon
there, everything builds just fine.

We have also built  grap-1.27  under 2 different versions of Linux.  On my
machine, if bison is found by  'configure', then bison is used in
preference to yacc, and in these circumstances there is absolutely no
problem with the building of the executable, and grap.cc contains no
__attribute__ call.  The version of bison on my Linux is 1.8.

Fergus has also tried making grap under the latest Cygwin, making one
change only, that is substituting  bison 1.75  from an earlier Cygwin
release.  This too builds correctly.

So something has changed between bison versions 1.75 and 1.875, which at
least within the Cygwin environment seems to cause the problem.

I hope this is helpful, and let me know if I can send any further

Tony Dusoir
Mole SOftware

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