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[Bug binutils/28485] ar and objcopy stuck,failing on object name contain

From: pullin at berkeley dot edu
Subject: [Bug binutils/28485] ar and objcopy stuck,failing on object name containing '/' inside an archive
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 06:48:44 +0000


--- Comment #3 from Andrew Pullin <pullin at berkeley dot edu> ---
Ultimately, the workaround for this was to use the llvm/clang version of
objcopy to do the operation I needed to do to weaken symbols. Since the path
handling is consistent within their ecosystem, it was able to deal with the

So, this is probably not a bug at all, just two different teams'
implementations of AR.

And not that it is terribly important to this issue, but for a little
elucidation of the case where this arose:

This all came up when I was trying to use Rust FFI to include some Rust
fuctions into a C codebase, targeting an embedded microcontroller target.
There was a collision of libc builtins, and reimplementations in the core rust

As far as I have seen, the C99 embedded world has not switched to clang/llvm
yet (except Apple), but in various pieces of documentation and hacks to get
Rust+C working, crossover into GNU tools does arise in a few places.

Ultimately, I am able to use gnu arm-none-eabi-ld to link in the staticlib
build by llvm+lld, after the localization step was done on the .a output from
the Rust toolchain.


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