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[Bug ld/29263] /usr/bin/ld: warning: /usr/lib/gcc/hppa-linux-gnu/11/../.

From: dave.anglin at bell dot net
Subject: [Bug ld/29263] /usr/bin/ld: warning: /usr/lib/gcc/hppa-linux-gnu/11/../../../hppa-linux-gnu/crtn.o: missing .note.GNU-stack section implies executable stack
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2022 16:53:30 +0000


--- Comment #8 from dave.anglin at bell dot net ---
On 2022-06-20 11:42 a.m., hp at sourceware dot org wrote:
> But I should add: I'd suggest to inspect whatever goes on with the linker
> script; a "hosted" target reasonably shouldn't get data and code segments
> mixed.  Maybe there's something to adjust there to make the warning go away 
> for
> the "right" reason.
Thanks H.P. for the hint.

The problem is the .plt and the implementation of dynamic binding. For that,
the PLT
needs to be executable.


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