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[Bug ld/29226] gcc -fcf-protection option causes GCC 12 gccgo build to f

From: jason.vas.dias at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/29226] gcc -fcf-protection option causes GCC 12 gccgo build to fail : "failed to match split-stack sequence"
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2022 14:34:04 +0000


--- Comment #4 from Jason Vas Dias <jason.vas.dias at gmail dot com> ---
Oops, had not finished editing last line of previous comment:
gold/x86_64.c, line 6113 will become:
object->error(_("failed to match split-stack sequence at "
                        "section %u offset %0zx - r10:%c r11:%c fnsize: %u"),
                      shndx, static_cast<size_t>(fnoffset)
             , this->match_view(view, view_size, fnoffset,
                                lea_r10_insn, lea_r10_insn_len
                               ) ? '1' : '0'
             , this->match_view(view, view_size, fnoffset,
                                lea_r11_insn, lea_r11_insn_len
                               ) ? '1' : '0'
             , static_cast<uint32_t>(fnsize)

With ld/gold augmented to print that under those circumstances, then we should
be a bit further forward in understanding what is going on here.

The fact that it strangely WORKS when run under the old binutils-2.35 using
gdb (I have not got round to building latest gdb yet, was going to do that
with GCC 12), DOES indicate something rather strange and subtle is going on

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