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[Bug libctf/28545] cross compile incorrectly using host libraries in ins

From: nick.alcock at oracle dot com
Subject: [Bug libctf/28545] cross compile incorrectly using host libraries in install relink
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 14:25:24 +0000


Nick Alcock <nick.alcock at oracle dot com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|ASSIGNED                    |WAITING

--- Comment #11 from Nick Alcock <nick.alcock at oracle dot com> ---
Hm. This is not easy to replicate. A straight cross build, even one with
--prefix=/usr and --disable-fast-install to force relinking, does not go wrong.

Looking at your compile command, what's breaking it is that something is
in front of the -o in the libtool command.

Looking at the compile log, the openwrt build scripts are passing *this* in:

-znow -zrelro "

This is a disaster waiting to happen (and now it has happened). You can't set
up sysroots by just passing in -L arguments in LDFLAGS like this! The problem
is that the resulting library search order is wrong: LDFLAGS is injected early
in link lines, and libraries are searched for in order of -L arguments, so any
libraries specified in -L will take precedence over any -L arguments specified
by binutils's actual makefiles to find its own libraries in the build tree, and
there's nothing we can do about it. -L arguments should only ever appear in
LIBS, accompanying specific libraries found in nonstandard paths.

The compiler should have been configured to find libraries suitably without
needing a massive spray of -L arguments like this: GCC has a --sysroot argument
for a reason (and --sysroot does not mess up the library search order). You
should probably raise this with OpenWRT (and link to this bug).

I am tempted to mark this INVALID right away, but I'll leave it as WAITING
until we see what the OpenWRT people say (since they probably do a lot more
cross-compiling than me, to be honest).

(But I clearly need to backport bug 27360 to the 2.37 branch. I'm on that.)

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