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c++filt failed to demangle names

From: Jupiter
Subject: c++filt failed to demangle names
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2020 17:54:54 +1100

I am running c++filt on ubuntu 18.04, it can demangle some names but
failed other names:

$ c++filt _ZN5boost4asio6detail9scheduler3runERNS_6system10error_codeE+0x83


The same name can be demangled in http://demangler.com/:

boost::asio::detail::scheduler::run(boost::system::error_code&) 0x83

What I could be missing why the c++filt could not demangle it?

$ c++filt --version
GNU c++filt (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.30

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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