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[Bug gas/26381] gas: speed of LTO LTRANS units

From: mliska at suse dot cz
Subject: [Bug gas/26381] gas: speed of LTO LTRANS units
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2020 07:52:07 +0000


Martin Liska <mliska at suse dot cz> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |amodra at gmail dot com

--- Comment #9 from Martin Liska <mliska at suse dot cz> ---
Just for the record, Alan's recent symbol refactoring caused another nice speed

$ time ./gas/as-new ~/Programming/testcases/libxul-ltrans.s -o /dev/null

real    0m2.695s
user    0m2.492s
sys     0m0.202s

Where the current perf report looks like:

     7.80%  as-new   as-new            [.] resolve_symbol_value
     7.60%  as-new   as-new            [.] do_scrub_chars
     6.86%  as-new   as-new            [.] eq_symbol_entry
     4.14%  as-new   as-new            [.] htab_find_with_hash
     3.61%  as-new   as-new            [.] longest_match
     3.43%  as-new   as-new            [.] get_symbol_name
     3.41%  as-new   as-new            [.] read_a_source_file
     3.11%  as-new   as-new            [.] htab_hash_string
     2.79%  as-new   libc-2.31.so      [.] __strcmp_avx2
     2.53%  as-new   as-new            [.] check_eh_frame
     2.39%  as-new   as-new            [.] symbol_clone_if_forward_ref
     2.39%  as-new   as-new            [.] emit_expr_with_reloc
     1.87%  as-new   as-new            [.] operand
     1.73%  as-new   as-new            [.] deflate_slow
     1.69%  as-new   as-new            [.] relax_segment

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