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[Bug gas/26305] {disp32} doesn't work with (%ebp) nor 16-bit mode

From: cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu.org
Subject: [Bug gas/26305] {disp32} doesn't work with (%ebp) nor 16-bit mode
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 13:01:22 +0000


--- Comment #6 from cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu.org <cvs-commit at gcc dot 
gnu.org> ---
The binutils-2_35-branch branch has been updated by H.J. Lu


commit c74f4632815ad072e7bb6a7f82d46ebd1350c18e
Author: H.J. Lu <hjl.tools@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jul 30 16:13:02 2020 -0700

    x86: Add {disp16} pseudo prefix

    Use Prefix_XXX for pseudo prefixes.  Add {disp16} pseudo prefix and
    replace {disp32} pseudo prefix with {disp16} in 16-bit mode test.
    Check invalid {disp16}/{disp32} pseudo prefixes.


            PR gas/26305
            * config/tc-i386.c (_i386_insn::disp_encoding): Add
            (parse_insn): Check Prefix_XXX for pseudo prefixes.  Handle
            (build_modrm_byte): Handle {disp16}.
            (i386_index_check): Check invalid {disp16} and {disp32} pseudo
            * doc/c-i386.texi: Update {disp32} documentation and document
            * testsuite/gas/i386/i386.exp: Run x86-64-inval-pseudo.
            * testsuite/gas/i386/inval-pseudo.s: Add {disp32}/{disp16}
            * testsuite/gas/i386/pseudos.s: Add {disp8}/{disp32} vmovaps
            tests with 128-byte displacement.  Add {disp16} tests.
            * testsuite/gas/i386/x86-64-pseudos.s: Add {disp8}/{disp32}
            vmovaps test.  Add (%r13)/(%r13d) tests.
            * testsuite/gas/i386/x86-64-inval-pseudo.l: New file.
            * testsuite/gas/i386/x86-64-inval-pseudo.s: Likewise.
            * testsuite/gas/i386/inval-pseudo.l: Updated.
            * testsuite/gas/i386/pseudos.d: Likewise.
            * testsuite/gas/i386/x86-64-pseudos.d: Likewise.


            PR gas/26305
            * i386-opc.h (Prefix_Disp8): New.
            (Prefix_Disp16): Likewise.
            (Prefix_Disp32): Likewise.
            (Prefix_Load): Likewise.
            (Prefix_Store): Likewise.
            (Prefix_VEX): Likewise.
            (Prefix_VEX3): Likewise.
            (Prefix_EVEX): Likewise.
            (Prefix_REX): Likewise.
            (Prefix_NoOptimize): Likewise.
            * i386-opc.tbl: Use Prefix_XXX on pseudo prefixes.  Add {disp16}.
            * i386-tbl.h: Regenerated.

    (cherry picked from commit 41eb8e88859b297f59f4d093aab9306d4b7057d9)

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