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Re: [sorry for dups] Re: why difference between interactive+script doing

From: Greg Wooledge
Subject: Re: [sorry for dups] Re: why difference between interactive+script doing same thing?
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 16:28:34 -0400

On Mon, Mar 27, 2023 at 01:05:33PM -0700, L A Walsh wrote:
> filter_ssh() {
>    ign0='ssh: connect to host \w+ port 22: Connection refused'
>    ign1='(agent returned different signature type ssh-rsa)'
>    ign2='(ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer)'
>    ign3='(packet_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken
> pipe)'
>    #ign="$ign1|$ign2|$ign3"
>    ign="$ign1"
> #    ssh -n -T "$user@$host" "$@" |& readarray output |&
> #            grep -Pv "$ign" </dev/null | cat
>    readarray output< <(ssh -n -T "$user@$host" "$@" 2>&1)
>    echo "Read ${#output[@]} lines"
>    for o in "${output[@]}"; do
>        if [[ $o =~ $ign ]]; then continue; fi
>        printf "%s" "$o"
>    done
> }

> filter_ssh

You're calling filter_ssh with no arguments, but trying to use "$@"
inside it to generate the ssh command.

You're also using dots inside a regex without backslashing them.  And
I'm not sure about the parentheses -- can't tell whether you meant those
to be literal or not.  They don't appear to serve any purpose if they're
not literal (there's no | inside them for example), but you didn't
backslash them either... very confusing.

Finally, using \w here is a libc extension and will only work on your
system, not necessarily other systems.  Just FYI.

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