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Antw: Re: [EXT] Re: manual page missing ${parameter-replacement}

From: Ulrich Windl
Subject: Antw: Re: [EXT] Re: manual page missing ${parameter-replacement}
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 08:20:05 +0100

>>> Lawrence Velázquez <vq@larryv.me> schrieb am 22.11.2022 um 05:06 in

>> Despite of that only ":-" is typeset in bold; shouldn't "${" and "}" be
>> typeset in bold, too?
> I don't know.  It seems like boldface is used to highlight the parts
> that are unique to each form.

AFAIK, bold means "literal" and non-bold or specifically italics means
>From man-pages(7):

"(...) boldface is used for as-is text and italics are used to indicate
replaceable arguments.   Brackets ([]) surround optional arguments,
vertical bars (|) separate choices, and ellipses (...) can  be  repeated.

> -- 
> vq

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