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Re: bash "extglob" needs to upgrade at least like zsh "kshglob"

From: Koichi Murase
Subject: Re: bash "extglob" needs to upgrade at least like zsh "kshglob"
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 20:05:53 +0900

2022年11月17日(木) 6:47 Chet Ramey <chet.ramey@case.edu>:
> fnmatch with FNM_PATHNAME only has to avoid matching the slash with a
> bracket expression. The shell has an additional constraint: a slash that
> appears in a bracket expression renders the bracket expression void and
> requires the `[' to be matched explicitly. That's why there have to be
> tests for slash in BRACKMATCH. There are two bugs: the off-by-one error
> you note and matching the open bracket explicitly.

Thank you for the explanation.  I did not know the special rule for
the slash in the bracket expression.  I assumed that that part of the
code in BRACKMATCH is related to the behavior of the bracket
expression never matching a slash so just removed it, which was wrong.

> I attached the patch I applied. I didn't include your fix to issue 1 above.

Thank you for the patch.  I applied it locally and tried it.  I attach
a test script that I used: [bracket-slash.sh].  Now I switched to a
loadable builtin that directly calls strmatch instead of hacking
GLOBIGNORE.  Here are the results:

  ---Tests for a slash in bracket expressions---
  #1: pat=ab[/]ef          str=ab[/]ef          yes/yes
  #2: pat=ab[/]ef          str=ab/ef            no/no
  #3: pat=ab[c/d]ef        str=ab[c/d]ef        yes/yes
  #4: pat=ab[c/d]ef        str=abcef            yes/no
  #5: pat=ab[.-/]ef        str=ab[.-/]ef        no/yes
  #6: pat=ab[.-/]ef        str=ab.ef            yes/no
  #7: pat=ab[[=/=]]ef      str=ab[[=/=]]ef      yes/yes
  #8: pat=ab[[=/=]]ef      str=ab/ef            no/no
  #9: pat=ab[[=c=]/]ef     str=ab[=/]ef         yes/yes
  #10: pat=ab[[=c=]/]ef     str=abcef            yes/no
  #11: pat=ab[[:alpha:]/]ef str=ab[:/]ef         yes/yes
  #12: pat=ab[[:alpha:]/]ef str=abxef            yes/no
  #13: pat=ab[/[abc]]ef     str=ab[/c]ef         yes/yes
  #14: pat=ab[/[abc]]ef     str=abc]ef           no/no
  #15: pat=ab[c[=/=]]ef     str=ab[c[=/=]]ef     yes/yes
  #16: pat=ab[c[=/=]]ef     str=abc[=/=]ef       no/no
  #17: pat=ab[c[=/=]]ef     str=abcef            yes/no
  ---Tests for incomplete bracket expressions---
  #18: pat=ab[c             str=ab[c             yes/yes
  #19: pat=ab[c             str=abc              no/no
  #20: pat=ab[c[=d=         str=ab[c[=d=         yes/yes
  #21: pat=ab[c[=d=         str=abc              no/no
  #22: pat=ab[c[.d          str=ab[c[.d          yes/yes
  #23: pat=ab[c[.d          str=abc              no/no
  #24: pat=ab[c[:alpha:     str=ab[c[:alpha:     yes/yes
  #25: pat=ab[c[:alpha:     str=abc              no/no
  #26: pat=ab[c-            str=ab[c-            no/yes
  #27: pat=ab[c-            str=abc              no/no
  #28: pat=ab[c\            str=ab[c\            no/yes
  #29: pat=ab[c\            str=abc              no/no
  #30: pat=ab[[\            str=ab[[\            no/yes
  #31: pat=ab[[\            str=ab[              no/no

"yes" and "no" on the left of / in the fourth column are the results
after applying the patch you provided. "yes" and "no" on the right of
/ are the results that *I* expect (see below paragraphs).

The new treatment seems to only handle a slash that directly appears
as an independent character in bracket expressions (cases
#1,#2,#13,#14), but if I literally read the standard you quoted, I
feel we should also handle other slashes (#3..#6,#9..#12,#15..#17).
Cases #7 and #8 seem to be already processed in the current devel.  I
think we can understand the rule of the standard by a mental
processing model to first split the pattern with `/' and then to match
each segment with the corresponding segment of the target string.
Thinking in that way, we can actually just replace the NUL test for
the string end with a similar test for NUL or a slash.  I attach a
possible patch for the additional fix
[r0037.brackmatch4.slash-terminated.patch.txt], which applies after
your patch [bracket-slash.patch].

Also, I have a suggestion of changes for more consistent handling of
incomplete bracket expressions.  Currently, incomplete bracket
expressions sometimes fail unconditionally (#26..#31) and sometimes
fall back to a literal `[' plus remaining pattern (#18..#25).  I
attach another patch for this:


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