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Re: bash "extglob" needs to upgrade at least like zsh "kshglob"

From: Oğuz
Subject: Re: bash "extglob" needs to upgrade at least like zsh "kshglob"
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2022 12:32:49 +0200

30 Ekim 2022 Pazar tarihinde Martin D Kealey <martin@kurahaupo.gen.nz>
> So the options would seem to be:
> (a) prohibit inversions (you get to pick EITHER extglob or rexglob, not
> both);
> (b) bypass convert-to-regex when inversions are present;
> (c) use PCRE or Vim RE, which already support negations (though not in the
> same form); note that these do not have linear ("regular") time performance
> in any but the trivial cases;
> (d) compute the "inverse" regex for a given negation (this may require Vim
> RE, see below);
> (e) post-process the compiled regex (this would be highly dependent on the
> specific RE implementation);
> (f) pick an existing regex engine, and add the necessary logic to handle
> negations and conjunctions (see below);

(g) make the existing extglob code faster and avoid introducing more
complexity into the shell.

Which, in my opinion, is the easiest and most realistic option.


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