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RE: declare -F incorrect line number

From: Daniel Castro
Subject: RE: declare -F incorrect line number
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2022 21:32:58 +0200

   In this case I’m not doing anything too fancy: my use case is I have a
   main project script where I declare functions that can get executed
   independently with some prefix: e.g. ``x.build()``, ``x.test()`` so I
   can call ``myscript test`` or ``myscript build`` by parsing all x.*
   functions, and sometimes I have functions within them just for clarity
   since they’re just some abstraction for that particular function logic.

   I parse these x function's comments as well to show in ``--help`` and
   therefore happened to notice the bug. The workaround for me is to
   simply  move them outside the top level function, but I don't know if
   it would get in the way for some people doing more convoluted stuff
   with functions.

   From: [1]Chet Ramey
   Sent: Wednesday, 5 October 2022 20:22
   To: [2]Daniel Castro; [3]bug-bash@gnu.org
   Cc: [4]chet.ramey@case.edu
   Subject: Re: declare -F incorrect line number

   On 10/2/22 4:51 AM, Daniel Castro wrote:

   >     Bash Version: 5.0


   >     Patch Level: 17


   >     Release Status: release



   >     Description:


   >       declare -F yields the wrong line number for a function that has

   >     nested functions declared within. Instead it gives the line
   number of

   >     the last nested function.

   Thanks for the report. I'll take a look, but I have a question. Why are

   declaring functions inside functions? Are you trying to do some kind of

   conditional definition?



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