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Re: Bash reference manual feedback

From: Martin D Kealey
Subject: Re: Bash reference manual feedback
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 17:16:45 +1000

I believe you are correct on all points except this one:

On Mon, 12 Sept 2022 at 01:30, David Apps <davidapps3@gmail.com> wrote:

> h3 6.12 Shell Compatibility Mode
> > * the shell does not print a warning message if an attempt is made to
> > use a quoted compound assignment as an argument to declare (declare -a
> > foo=’(1 2)’). Later versions warn that this usage is deprecated
> 9. It is probably unhelpful to use the "’" character here.

You have inadvertently stated the entire point of this section: yes, they
are an unhelpful historical anomaly and should not be used in scripts. Of
course this advisory has to actually show the characters that it's telling
you to avoid.

Or do you think it should also tell you to avoid:
declare -a foo="(1 2)"
declare -a foo=\(1\ 2\)


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