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Re: bug-bash Digest, Vol 237, Issue 30

From: Lawrence Velázquez
Subject: Re: bug-bash Digest, Vol 237, Issue 30
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2022 14:16:29 -0400
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On Sun, Aug 28, 2022, at 1:17 PM, Yair Lenga wrote:
> Yes, you are correct - (most/all of) of those examples "K&R".
> However, given bash's important role in modern computing - isn't it time to
> take advantage of new language features ?

Why?  What benefit would that actually provide?

> this can make code more readable,
> efficient and reliable.

In practice, there's only person who really interacts with bash
code.  If he doesn't think there's a problem with K&R style, then
it's not going to change.

> I doubt that
> many users are trying to install a new bash in a system that was
> built/configured 15 years ago.

You might be surprised.


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