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Re: return exit code in EXIT trap

From: Robert E. Griffith
Subject: Re: return exit code in EXIT trap
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 16:18:36 -0400
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Oh darn, I have been writing bash scripts for a long time and have never found a novel bug. I was hoping this would be my first:)

The first (getyarn...) link renders as a blank page for me. What it is supposed to be?

Is there a reason why POSIX would want the return behavior to of function down the stack to behave differently when in a trap? Seems strange to me. It does seem like I have to go through all my library type functions and add a "$?" to every return since I cant guarantee that they wont indirectly be called from a trap.


On 8/2/22 15:55, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 8/2/22 3:38 PM, Robert E. Griffith wrote:
Is it known behavior that return without a parameter will not set the exit
code from the last command when called from the EXIT trap?


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