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bug#35322: AM_PATH_PYTHON incompatible with Python frameworks on macOS

From: Joshua Root
Subject: bug#35322: AM_PATH_PYTHON incompatible with Python frameworks on macOS
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2021 22:21:01 +1100
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On 2021-3-3 10:54 , Karl Berry wrote:
     I wonder if it might also make sense to offer a configure option to set

I think that would be great (--pythondir, --pythonexecdir or some
such). Would you mind looking into that? I've never played around with
the options Automake adds and have unfortunately limited time to
research the code. But I will eventually if needed.

OK, here's a patch to add --with-python_prefix and --with-python_exec_prefix options. It applies on top of my previous patch.

Note that the paths given to these options aren't edited to use the ${prefix} and ${exec_prefix} variables when they are subdirs thereof, since I figure if you set a specific value with these options you really mean it. Note also that if --with-python_prefix is given but --with-python_exec_prefix is not, PYTHON_EXEC_PREFIX takes the value that was given to --with-python_prefix. I think this is more convenient on the whole, since setting a custom PYTHON_PREFIX but wanting to keep the automatically determined value of PYTHON_EXEC_PREFIX seems like it would be a pretty rare scenario.

- Josh

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