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bug#35886: Built-in variable dependency issue with bindir/exec_prefix/pr

From: Sternberg, Jay E
Subject: bug#35886: Built-in variable dependency issue with bindir/exec_prefix/prefix
Date: Fri, 24 May 2019 17:33:24 +0000

Built-in variables are stored in the generated Makefile in ascending sort 
order.  This results in dependency issues specifically for bindir and 
exec_prefix. after running './configure --prefix /usr'; the resulting Makefile 
variables are as follows:

bindir = ${exec_prefix}/bin
build_alias =
builddir = .
dvidir = ${docdir}
exec_prefix = ${prefix}
host_alias =
pdfdir = ${docdir}
prefix = /usr
program_transform_name = s,x,x,

The result is that when make install uses bindir, the value is "/bin", not 


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