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bug#27188: lex/yacc with subdir-objects and --disable-dependency-trackin

From: Nick Brown
Subject: bug#27188: lex/yacc with subdir-objects and --disable-dependency-tracking broken
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 14:25:15 +0000

By default Debian dh passes --disable-dependacy-tracking when building.
If the package rules also adds --builddirectory to use out of source builds
(eg. "dh $@ --builddirectory=build --parallel --with autoreconf"), and the
package happens to be using subdir-objects automake option and generated source
files from lex/yacc then the build will fail.


mkdir build
../configure --disable-dependency-tracking --disable-silent-rules

/bin/bash ../ylwrap ../src/scanner.ll lex.yy.c src/scanner.cc -- flex
../ylwrap: line 206: ../src/scanner.cc: No such file or directory
Makefile:422: recipe for target 'src/scanner.cc' failed
make: *** [src/scanner.cc] Error 1

A simple patch to lex.am and yacc.am fixes this.

Attachment: 0001-yacc-and-lex-built-objects-without-dependancy-tracking.patch
Description: 0001-yacc-and-lex-built-objects-without-dependancy-tracking.patch

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