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bogus warning about EXTRA_HEADERS requirement (was: [PATCH 5/7] add _HEA

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: bogus warning about EXTRA_HEADERS requirement (was: [PATCH 5/7] add _HEADERS primaries to Makefile.am snippets for installable headers)
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 20:08:09 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2010-08-04)

Hello, and adding bug-automake,

* Gary V. Vaughan wrote on Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 12:06:32PM CEST:
> On 13 Oct 2010, at 03:55, Bruno Haible wrote:
> > And what's the role or effect of EXTRA_HEADERS? Automake does not do
> > anything with .h files that it doesn't do with .png files. gnulib-tool
> > already synthesizes EXTRA_DIST augmentations for files that are to be
> > distributed.
> Automake complains if you add a computed (possibly empty) header name
> to xxx_include_HEADERS, without a matching EXTRA_HEADERS containing the
> static name.  I added it purely to silence automake, but would be happy
> to remove it if that can be done without unnecessary automake invocation
> noise.

This looks like an Automake bug.  EXTRA_HEADERS should not be needed,
exactly because automake doesn't do anything special with headers, as
Bruno noted.  Thanks for the report.

Here's a reproducer:

cat >configure.ac <<\EOF
AC_INIT([a], [1])
AC_SUBST([foo], [bar.h])

cat >Makefile.am <<\EOF
nobase_include_HEADERS = $(foo)

autoreconf -vi


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