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Badly out-of-date TODO file.

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Badly out-of-date TODO file.
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 14:50:56 +0200
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Hello automakers.

I see that the Automake's "TODO" file is badly out-of-date: the
dates of the two last real changes (both very small) are 28/03/2007 
and 12/04/2004.  Also, it's hard to easily discriminate which parts
of the file might still be relevant, as the entries lack any sort of
reference to author, date of writing, or automake version involved
(yes, I could proably dig those details out by searching the git 
history and the mailing lists' archives, but that's awkward at

I think having an up-to-date TODO would be worthwhile and useful.

So, anyone has an idea of how much out-of-date or even misleading
the current content of TODO is?  Should it be scrapped (apart from
bits that are clearly and obviously still relevant), and a new
TODO started from scratch?  Or could it be saved somehow?

Either way, IMHO, there's a lesson for the future to be learned
here: always add the date (and maybe the version string offered
by `git describe') to any new TODO entry.


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