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failure in make check

From: Angeline Gail Burrell
Subject: failure in make check
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 00:55:19 -0500

Dear Bug Guys:

I'm having difficulting getting automake installed.  It will compile and make, but fails 3 tests (actually fails 6, but 3 of these are expected failures).  I tried to find out how to fix it online, but without success.  Any help would be appreciated.  I'm running this on a iBook G4 with Tiger (upgraded from Panther).  The attachment make_auto.am has the stdout from $make check, while make_auto.tests has the stdout from $make check for tests ausdir2, cond17, lisp3, lisp6, lisp8, and txinfo5 in verbose mode.  The second one was large, so I gzipped them.


Ms. Angeline G. Burrell
Physics Department
University of Texas at Dallas

Attachment: make_check.am.gz
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Attachment: make_check.tests.gz
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