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Error testing automake 1.9.6

From: Pierre
Subject: Error testing automake 1.9.6
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 08:29:53 +0200
User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060720 SeaMonkey/1.0.3

# make check
PASS: aclocal.test
PASS: aclocal3.test
FAIL: aclocal4.test
PASS: aclocal5.test
PASS: aclocal6.test
PASS: acloca12.test
PASS: acloca13.test
FAIL: acloca14.test
PASS: acloca15.test
PASS: acloca16.test
PASS: alloca.test
PASS: alloca2.test
FAIL: alpha.test
FAIL: alpha2.test
PASS: amassign.test
PASS: ammissing.test
PASS: check.test
PASS: check2.test
FAIL: check3.test
PASS: check4.test
PASS: checkall.test
PASS: cond31.test
PASS: cond32.test
FAIL: cond33.test
PASS: cond34.test
FAIL: cond35.test
PASS: cond36.test
PASS: cond37.test
PASS: cond38.test
FAIL: condd.test
PASS: condhook.test
PASS: condinc.test
PASS: confincl.test
PASS: conflnk.test
FAIL: conflnk2.test
FAIL: conflnk3.test
PASS: confsub.test
PASS: confvar.test
PASS: depcomp2.test
PASS: depcomp3.test
FAIL: depcomp4.test
SKIP: depcomp5.test
PASS: depdist.test
PASS: distcom2.test
PASS: distcom3.test
FAIL: distcom4.test
FAIL: distcom5.test
PASS: distcom6.test
PASS: distcom7.test
PASS: distdir.test
PASS: distname.test
FAIL: dollar.test
PASS: double.test
PASS: dup2.test
PASS: extra4.test
PASS: extra5.test
FAIL: extra6.test
FAIL: extra7.test
PASS: f90only.test
PASS: flibs.test
PASS: gnuwarn2.test
PASS: gnits.test
FAIL: gnits2.test
PASS: gnits3.test
PASS: header.test
PASS: implicit.test
PASS: include.test
FAIL: include2.test
PASS: info.test
PASS: insh2.test
PASS: instdat2.test
PASS: instexec.test
FAIL: insthook.test
PASS: instman.test
PASS: instman2.test
PASS: javaprim.test
PASS: javasubst.test
FAIL: ldadd.test
FAIL: ldflags.test
PASS: lex.test
PASS: lex2.test
PASS: libobj11.test
PASS: libobj12.test
FAIL: libobj13.test
PASS: libobj14.test
PASS: library.test
PASS: library3.test
PASS: libtool.test
FAIL: libtool2.test
FAIL: libtool3.test
PASS: libtool4.test
FAIL: libtool5.test
FAIL: libtool6.test
FAIL: libtool7.test
FAIL: libtool8.test
FAIL: license.test
PASS: link_c_cxx.test
PASS: link_dist.test
PASS: lisp2.test
PASS: lisp3.test
FAIL: lisp4.test
FAIL: lisp5.test
FAIL: lisp6.test
PASS: lisp7.test
PASS: lisp8.test
PASS: longline.test
PASS: longlin2.test
FAIL: ltcond.test
FAIL: ltcond2.test
FAIL: ltconv.test
PASS: ltdeps.test
PASS: ltlibobjs.test
FAIL: ltlibsrc.test
PASS: maintclean.test
PASS: make.test
PASS: mkinst3.test
PASS: multlib.test
FAIL: nobase.test
PASS: nodef.test
PASS: nodef2.test
PASS: nodist2.test
PASS: nodist3.test
FAIL: nogzip.test
PASS: nogzip2.test
PASS: noinst.test
PASS: output7.test
PASS: output8.test
FAIL: output9.test
FAIL: output10.test
PASS: overrid.test
PASS: parse.test
PASS: pr87.test
PASS: pr204.test
FAIL: pr211.test
PASS: pr220.test
PASS: pr224.test
PASS: pr287.test
PASS: pr300-lib.test
FAIL: pr300-ltlib.test
FAIL: pr300-prog.test
FAIL: pr307.test
PASS: prefix.test
PASS: primary.test
PASS: python8.test
PASS: python9.test
FAIL: python10.test
PASS: python11.test
PASS: python12.test
PASS: req.test
PASS: reqd.test
FAIL: reqd2.test
PASS: rulepat.test
PASS: scripts.test
PASS: stamph2.test
PASS: stdlib.test
FAIL: stdlib2.test
PASS: strip.test
PASS: subdir.test
PASS: subdirbuiltsources.test
PASS: subcond.test
FAIL: subcond2.test
FAIL: subcond3.test
PASS: subobj.test
PASS: subobj2.test
PASS: subobj4.test
PASS: subobj5.test
FAIL: subobj6.test
PASS: subobj7.test
PASS: subobj8.test
FAIL: subobj9.test
PASS: subobjname.test
FAIL: subpkg.test
FAIL: subpkg2.test
PASS: subst.test
PASS: subst2.test
PASS: suffix6.test
PASS: suffix7.test
FAIL: suffix8.test
PASS: suffix9.test
FAIL: suffix10.test
PASS: suffix11.test
PASS: symlink.test
PASS: txinfo29.test
PASS: txinfo30.test
FAIL: transform.test
PASS: unused.test
PASS: vars.test
PASS: yacc5.test
PASS: yacc6.test
FAIL: yacc7.test
FAIL: yacc8.test
PASS: yaccpp.test
PASS: yaccvpath.test
58 of 545 tests failed
(22 tests were not run)
Please report to address@hidden
make[2]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/automake-1.9.6/tests'
make[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/automake-1.9.6/tests'
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

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