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Re: `Makefile' is removed upon interrupt

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: `Makefile' is removed upon interrupt
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 00:40:10 +0200
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>>> "Jim" == Jim Meyering <address@hidden> writes:


 Jim> One way to fix it is to tell GNU make that `Makefile' should not
 Jim> be removed in such a case, e.g. by adding a line like this:

 Jim> .PRECIOUS: Makefile

Sounds sensible.  Are there any other files that deserve similar

 Jim> Of course, then we'd also have to ensure that
 Jim> config.status creates Makefile atomically (redirect to a
 Jim> temp. file and rename when done writing).

 Jim> If you like that, I'll propose a patch.

That would be most welcome.  I'm afraid I don't have time to
work on Automake these days.


Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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