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Re: make dist-all produces an empty tarball

From: Larry Siden
Subject: Re: make dist-all produces an empty tarball
Date: 31 Jul 2003 10:37:47 -0400

Some of the mail I inadvertently addressed to Alexandre alone came back
undelivered, so my apologies to A. if he thought I was being rude by not

To summarize the current state of affairs on my system:

1) I successfully built and installed automake 1.7.6 (upgrading from

2) It fixed some of the little problems I mentioned in my original
message.  In project LASi, I re-ran "aclocal && autoconf && automake &&
./configure [...] && make".  Everything generates smoothly without
warning or need to re-edit aclocal.m4, but ...

3) After generating the Makefile for project LASi, "make dist-all" still
generates an empty tarball.

I've attached config.log, Makefile.am, Makefile.in, and Makefile.out
from the LASi project.

With thanks,
Larry Siden

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 16:09, Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:
> >>> "Larry" == Larry Siden <address@hidden> writes:
> [...]
>  Larry> configure: error: Autoconf 2.54 or better is required.
>  Larry> Is it installed?  Is it in your PATH?  (try running `autoconf
>  Larry> --version')
>  Larry> Is it working?  See also config.log for error messages before this
>  Larry> one.
> Please send config.log.
> [...]

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