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Re: Can't call AC_PROG_CXX conditionally

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Can't call AC_PROG_CXX conditionally
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 18:37:56 +0100
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 Andreas> When AC_PROG_CXX is used conditionally then the generated
 Andreas> configure script complains that conditional "am__fastdepCXX"
 Andreas> was never defined when AC_PROG_CXX is not actually called.
 Andreas> In a real-world example this would depend on some --enable
 Andreas> or --with option.

Do not do this.  I know it's a pain, but this is really something not
to do.

Actually, in the real world, I would suggest AC_CONFIG_SUBDIR'ing the
part in C++.  Or maybe...


Something should be done, agreed.

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