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Re: Test adn debug bug

From: Dr . Jürgen Sauermann
Subject: Re: Test adn debug bug
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2024 12:25:31 +0100
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Hi Bill,

seems like opening your database fails:

      sqlh←ctrgl_sql_connect 'localhost' 'dalyw' 'ctrgl_revised' '1BBmXEc0'
SQL∆Connect[19]  Z←type ⎕SQL[1]arg
                   ^           ^

It also looks like there is some )MORE information available which
provides some more (and usually useful) information as to what
exactly the problem was. Please try again with:

]log 25
]log 26


On 1/19/24 22:17, Bill Daly wrote:
I'm enclosing three files

  1) test_debug_bug.log is a session log of me testing some new software.

  2) ctrgl_revised.sql is a dump of the database that was opened during this session.

  3) ctrgl_test_debug_bug.apl is the workspace I was testing.

First this demonstrates yet again that I am constitutionally unable to correctly enter any line of code.

Find the function ctrgl_check_period and look at line 4 where I used an non existent variable arg.

The log shows me loading the workspace; opening the database; creating a document, begin; and trying to look at it with function sqlh ctrgl_doc_show begin. I trip across my own typo.

I then edited the workspace file, corrected line 4.

You'll see that I reloaded the new revised file and created document begin.  I confirmed the revision by displaying the code for ctrgl_check_period and seeing the revised line 4.

I then executed `sqlh ctrgl_doc_show` again and tripped on my now reappeared typo.

I'm hoping thee will have fun with this one

I'll confess that I've struggled with this bug through several test and debut sessions and despaired ever being able to recreate it. I get so wrapped up in the test and debug I can't recreate the environment I was in.  It turns out easier than I expected.


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