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Re: output formatting

From: Stephen Lewis
Subject: Re: output formatting
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2023 12:58:48 -0700

Thank you all for the quick replies and suggestions.

Chris Moller, Bill Daly - Thanks, "Page Width" (Print Width?)
solved my immediate problem, --PW 500 on commandline or ⎕pw←500.
'tr' and 'sed' does fix the spaces and blank line but
my version (Gnu APL 1.8 from tarball) does not have --exec option.
Redirected output from shell works but I will also try writing to a file from 

Christian Robert, Jürgen Sauermann, I have not tried FIO yet but will read
documentation and try suggested function. That looks very useful, thanks.

When using 'apl' script in a pipeline I was surprised to find formatting
clearly designed for a terminal when output was going to a file. Especially
when the formatting has the effect of changing the shape of a matrix.
Many Unix commands behave differently when the output is not a terminal.
Would it make sense for 'apl' to turn off terminal formatting when --script
is in effect and the output is not a terminal?

Stephen Lewis <lewis+apl@sdf.org

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