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Startup with command line parameters....

From: Peter Teeson
Subject: Startup with command line parameters....
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2023 14:44:12 -0400

Hi Jürgenl:

I was trying out how to startup APL using command line parameters. My first attempt worked:

Last login: Sun Jun  4 13:43:24 on ttys000
Gandalf:~ pteeson$ apl -l 37

Attachment: Command Line Parms test 1.txt.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

But I had to know that LID_startup was  enum 37. 
(UserPreferences::parse_argv_0(..) {.. if (!strcmp(argv[a], "-l") && atoi(argv[a+1]) == LID_startup)
That seems to imply I had already built apl, launched it, and typed ]LOG to find the LID_startup enum.

So I’m wondering if we could maybe add something to the READMEs? 
Perhaps similar to the README-7? Listing the LOG table?
Maybe indicating which can be used on the command line? 

Just a thought…



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