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Re: A curious bug...

From: Emmanuel Charpentier
Subject: Re: A curious bug...
Date: Mon, 29 May 2023 13:29:53 +0200
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Le lundi 29 mai 2023 à 12:50 +0200, Dr. Jürgen Sauermann a écrit :
Hi Emmanuel,

thanks, fixed in SVN 1699.

Thanks a lot ! This works.

But now, I have another problem :  the gnu-emacs interface no longer supports using the del editor : one can open it fine, but sending the devinition with C-c C-c fails : the APL interpreter complains receiving "Unknown APL character: \342 (U+FFFFFFE2)". Illustrated in this sceen dump :

Note that this does not happen with the apl interpreter on the command line (I pasted the APL lines copied from the emacs buffer) :

Quite annoying (emacs and gnu-apl-mode being by far the easiest to use interface on my laptop, thanks to APL-Z input mode...).

Back to the distributed .deb... Attached : configuration/compilation logs.


Emmanuel Charpentier

Best Regards,

On 5/28/23 13:43, Emmanuel Charpentier wrote:

I stumbled on a minor (?) problem

I )dumped the results of a previous work (content irrelevant. Restore it, and examine these results :

      )load Exp01dmp.apl
DUMPED 2023-05-27  22:12:26 (GMT+2)
500 3

A bit too large ; sample it :

2 3

It's a vanilla numeric matrix :

      26⎕CR sample
16 32 32 16 32 32
142 1.375974377E¯13 0.264
 53 5.267033354E¯14 0.008

It seems that trying to format it fails! This :

      test←4 0 7 ¯3 7 ¯4⍕sample

never returns, and the apl process eats 100% of the time of one of my 8-core CPU. The only way to exit is to kill the emacs buffer where it runs : emacs asks for permission to kill the process (see below).

Setup : Laptop : core i7, 16 GB RAM, Debian testing, apl_1.8-1_amd64.deb downloaded from the Gnu mirror. APL runs from emacs via the inferior-mode created by gnu-apl (from the gnu-apl-mode package).


Emmanuel Charpentier

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