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Re: Compilation problem

From: vvs
Subject: Re: Compilation problem
Date: Thu, 25 May 2023 19:20:48 +0300

On 5/25/23, Blake McBride <blake@arahant.com> wrote:
> Although you addressed one of its many shortcomings, you conveniently
> failed to mention the others (e.g. complexity, central repo).  In terms of
> complexity, GIT is plenty simple in simple cases but quickly becomes
> unwieldy even for experts.

I've just stated the obvious. And I didn't mean to start a flame war.

Having said that, I can confirm that Git is complex piece of software.
As any non-trivial application sure is. If it would be really so
"unwieldy" then I doubt that Microsoft would buy such useless business
as GitHub.com with 100+ million customers (as they claim).

I really don't care much about which software I'm using as long as
it's useful. If most interesting projects would use Subversion I'd use
it instead. And they probably prefer Git because it has much to offer.
But that makes it more difficult to learn, of course.

That reminds me flame wars about Plan 9 vs. Linux. I actually admire
Plan 9 simplicity, but also admit that it's not very suitable for most
practical purposes. That's a life...

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