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Gtk_server "-rdynamic" issue following APL Gtk UI tutorial

From: Russtopia
Subject: Gtk_server "-rdynamic" issue following APL Gtk UI tutorial
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 13:05:02 -0800

I was trying out the GNU APL ⎕GTK Cookbook tutorial and ran into this, which appears to cause the button's 'clicked' handler not to function (hanging the UI and APL itself until I kill the Gtk_server and/or the APL script from another shell).

I looked through the configure script and see some platforms define "export_dynamic_flag_spec=-rdynamic" but I'm not sure if or how to ensure this is defined in my build. Am I doing something dumb? I'm reasonably sure I have the button element named properly and defined the 'clicked' signal in the Glade editor.

Linux x86_64
Devuan Linux (Debian 8.3.0-6)

$ ./my-application.apl
Loading GUI: /home/russtopia/GNUAPL/workspaces/my-application.glade
Top-level widget: window1
See class='GtkWindow' and id='window1'
  See class='GtkGrid' and id='grid1'
    See class='GtkLabel' and id='label1'
    property name='lblEmployee
    End of object class=GtkLabel id=label1 widget-name=lblEmployee

    See class='GtkLabel' and id='label2'
    property name='lblPosition
    End of object class=GtkLabel id=label2 widget-name=lblPosition

    See class='GtkEntry' and id='entry1'
    property name='entryEmployee
    End of object class=GtkEntry id=entry1 widget-name=entryEmployee

    See class='GtkEntry' and id='entry2'
    property name='entryPosition
    End of object class=GtkEntry id=entry2 widget-name=entryPosition

    See class='GtkButton' and id='btnOK'
    property name='OK-button
    End of object class=GtkButton id=btnOK widget-name=OK-button

  End of object class=GtkGrid id=grid1 widget-name=

End of object class=GtkWindow id=window1 widget-name=

map glade id= 'window1' to GObject 0x55da20cb82a0
map glade id= 'grid1' to GObject 0x55da20d43140
map glade id= 'btnOK' to GObject 0x55da20f29180
map glade id= 'entry2' to GObject 0x55da20d948f0
map glade id= 'entry1' to GObject 0x55da20d94640
map glade id= 'label2' to GObject 0x55da20c48590
map glade id= 'label1' to GObject 0x55da20c483f0

(Gtk_server:16920): Gtk-WARNING **: 12:22:32.829: Could not find signal handler 'clicked'.  Did you compile with -rdynamic?
GUI signals connected.
Loading CSS: /home/russtopia/GNUAPL/workspaces/my-application.css
[I hit CTRL-C twice here]
      ⎕GTK Blocking
[script is still hung until I kill it from another shell]

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