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Re: Improvements to gnuapl

From: Dr . Jürgen Sauermann
Subject: Re: Improvements to gnuapl
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 20:36:10 +0100
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Hi Christian,

I can't quite follow the argument that :IF/:ELSE etc. makes it easier for
newcomers to learn APL. If I remember my learning of APL some decades
ago correctly, then, coming straight from ALGOL and BASIC as my first
"high-level" languages, I was overwhelmed by the large number of symbols
in APL. Adding even more alternatives (read :IF/:ELSE) to the existing
concepts (read: →) would most likely have confused me as a newcomer
more than it would have helped me.

I would also argue that a newcomer should first learn the core concepts of a
language before being distracted by the non-standard extensions of some
language dialects.

Best Regards,

On 2/20/21 7:59 PM, Christian Robert wrote:
well I saw the new thrends aka Quad-XML, Quad-JSON, Quad-FFT and so on

but I think thoses will never be used in real life or quite seldom.

I really think that Juergen should be looking at


:for var :in array

:while condition:

:until condition

this will eases newcommers to the language.

I know that APL goal is to do a whole "program" in one or two lines of code...
but the language must accomodate newcommers.

I asked for that several years ago (may me 8 or 10 years)

Juergen ansewered at that time "this can be done" but I wont yet

well my principal next improvements wish list is if/for/while/do_until

my real though,


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