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Re: SVN 1404 warning on Mac OS

From: Elias Mårtenson
Subject: Re: SVN 1404 warning on Mac OS
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 09:01:05 +0800

How about disabling that specific warning? 

Den tis 19 jan. 2021 01:51Dr. Jürgen Sauermann <mail@jürgen-sauermann.de> skrev:
Hi Louis,

thanks, lookd like the compiler guys were again busy with implementing new stupid warnings.

I remember that some time ago gcc would complain the other way around (when
"using namespace std" was missing as opposed to being present).

This one might actually haunt us for a while because there are many
"using namespace std" in the GNU APL code.

I also fixed the other warning, SVN 1405.

Best Regards,

On 1/18/21 5:29 PM, lchretien--- via Bugs and suggestions for GNU APL wrote:
After updating to SVN 1404 on my Mac OS machine, I get the following warning:

g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..    -Wall -I sql          -g -O2 -MT apl-Quad_XML.o -MD -MP -MF .deps/apl-Quad_XML.Tpo -c -o apl-Quad_XML.o `test -f 'Quad_XML.cc' || echo './'`Quad_XML.cc
Quad_XML.cc:21:17: warning: using directive refers to implicitly-defined namespace 'std'
using namespace std;
Quad_XML.cc:1229:4: warning: 'delete' applied to a pointer that was allocated with 'new[]'; did you mean 'delete[]'?
   delete buffer;
Quad_XML.cc:1210:17: note: allocated with 'new[]' here
UTF8 * buffer = new UTF8[st.st_size];
2 warnings generated.
mv -f .deps/apl-Quad_XML.Tpo .deps/apl-Quad_XML.Po

Louis Chrétien

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