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Quad-PLOT slight problems

From: Christian Robert
Subject: Quad-PLOT slight problems
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2020 00:06:36 -0400
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I've included a "Plot" workspace, self contained, to show the tiny problems I 

First I was very surprized that ⎕PLOT was ⎕IO sensitive, but I overcome that 
(as a feature),
and I concluded that with ⎕IO=0 was the kind of plot I wanted.

Second, I wrote (still in work) a function named "Plot" that can plot matrix 
lines on a graph
but I discovered that some "point_style-N:" do not resize well with some 

"line_color-N:" work fine as I can tell (I'm a bit colorblind btw)

To see what I mean, use the line below in the workspace:

      Plot sort_by_lines 1 makemat 24

and increase the "1" to "2"   and continue up to "7"

      Plot sort_by_lines 7 makemat 24

at that point it should display a graph with seven lines (enlarge the plot 
window as needed)

you will notice that some of the (0..6) lines have different "point_size-N:"
and at least 2 of thems are displaying Huge and one is looking absent.

my 2 usual cents,


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