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Re: Assertion failure: r < rho_rho in get_transposed_shape_item

From: Dr . Jürgen Sauermann
Subject: Re: Assertion failure: r < rho_rho in get_transposed_shape_item
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2020 13:50:38 +0200
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Hi Ben,

thanks for reporting this. Every trouble report on GNU APL is a jewel on its own.
Fixed in SVN 1292.

Best Regards,

On 6/1/20 9:52 PM, Ben Harris wrote:
Hello, I'm afraid it's me again.  I've got an assertion failure for you this time.  I realised while minimising the test case that I'd actually got the _expression_ wrong, but it still shouldn't do this:

      ⊃(⊂1⍴0)((1 1)⍴0)

Assertion failed: r < rho_rho
in Function:      get_transposed_shape_item
in file:          Shape.hh:113

Call stack:

-- Stack trace at Shape.hh:113
0xF7833E81 __libc_start_main
0x5669C668  main
0x568684B7   Workspace::immediate_execution(bool)
0x56707D5E    Command::process_line()
0x56708909     Command::do_APL_expression(UCS_string&)
0x56707E4E      Command::finish_context()
0x56711896       Executable::execute_body() const
0x567F80E1        StateIndicator::run()
0x5674F399         Prefix::reduce_statements()
0x56749F8E          Prefix::reduce_MISC_F_B_()
0x5676D6E4           Bif_F12_PICK::eval_B(Value_P)
0x5676433B            Bif_F12_PICK::disclose(Value_P, bool)
0x566CF27B             Bif_F12_TAKE::fill(Shape const&, Cell*, Value&, Value_P)
0x566B502F              do_Assert(char const*, char const*, char const*, int)

SI stack:

Depth:      0
Exec:       0x573ba5a0
Safe exec:  0
Pmode:      ◊  ⊃(⊂1⍴0)((1 1)⍴0)
PC:         13 (14) RETURN_STATS
Stat:       ⊃(⊂1⍴0)((1 1)⍴0)
err_code:   0x0


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