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Re: Keyboard layout and fonts for NetBSD-9/X11R7

From: Dr . Jürgen Sauermann
Subject: Re: Keyboard layout and fonts for NetBSD-9/X11R7
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 11:47:24 +0200
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Hi Alexander,

keyboard layouts are a moving target.

When I started GNU APL I used
xmodmap which was the most reasonable way
to do it at that time. At some point in time (after a system upgrade from Mint 18 to Mint 19)
xmodmap stopped working since the updated window manager now took over the
control of  the layout in an unpredictable way (the layout worked right after running
but switched back shortly after for unknown reasons).

I also tried the other methods described in README-3-keyboard but for me none of
them worked too well for me. So I decided that I should hack in the apl codes directly
into the standard keyboard layout (us in my case).

There is a file
apl-1.8/support-files/Juergen-Mint-19/us (and a README
next to it). That file is a replacement for
/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/us (on
GNU/Linux) or probably
/usr/X11/xkb/symbols/us on BSD. It bypasses the fancy
features available today (per window or application keyboard layout etc.) but works just
fine, at least for myself.

Best Regards,

On 4/28/20 1:00 AM, Alexander Shendi (Web.DE) wrote:
Dear List,

I feel seriously intellectually challenged. I have compiled gnu apl under NetBSD (SVN-1271) and all went fine.

But I'm just not up to configuring the X Window System to support APL input and output. These are the steps I've taken so far:
1. set the locale to en_US. UTF-8 (by setting LC_ALL=en_US. UTF-8).
2. Compile the file trunk/
support-files/old-Keyboard/apl.xkm resulting in a file apl.xkb in the current directory.
3. Try to configure the keyboard. A sample session looks like: (see attached typescript).
4. I have not even attempted to add the APL fonts to a font directory. More fun.

Is there any guide on doing this? ELI5, preferably in words of one syllable or less.

Or should I give up on APL altogether?

With frustrated salutations,

-- Alexander

You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.

Scott McNealy 1999

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