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linear algebra & LAPACK - questions and thoughts

From: Rowan Cannaday
Subject: linear algebra & LAPACK - questions and thoughts
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 16:08:13 +0000

I've been mulling over methods of bringing linear algebra methods into gnu-apl, specifically eigenvalues & eigenvectors (leaving open the possibility for more).

The canonical methods for this are from LAPACK (which was formerly a compilation dependency).

There are a few paths forward I can think of:
    - include LAPACK as an optional dependency and wrap the functions (similar to how ⌹ was implemented before it was ported to C++). Possibly with a ⎕FOO wrapper.
    - Port (or find) C/C++ versions of the functions and use the ⎕FX interface
    - Implement the underlying algorithms as APL libraries

Mostly looking for advice on how to proceed, that would make this:
    1. Simple to integrate
    2. 'okay' performance
    3. Possibility to expand to more LAPACK functionality
    4. Not introducing unnecessary compilation challenges

Since this is something I suspect has been considered, I figured I'd reach out to the broader list before attempting something.


- Rowan

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