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canceling ∇-edit mode

From: Otto Diesenbacher-Reinmüller
Subject: canceling ∇-edit mode
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2020 12:13:13 +0200

Hi APLers,

first let me thank, for that wonderful piece of software!

Using the ∇-editor I found some inconsistencies, perhaps a bug or am I
using ∇ wrong? Reference APL2 docu and Nabla.cc:
"  // we expect one of the following:
   // [⎕] [n⎕] [⎕m] [n⎕m] [⎕n-m]                    (show)
   //     [n∆] [∆m] [n∆m] [∆n-m] [∆n1 n2 ...]       (delete)
   // [→]                                           (escape)
   // [n]                                           (goto)
   // text                                          (override text)"

I create a new function:
      ∇z←a plus b
[1] z←a+b
[2] ∇

afterwards I start changing the function, but want to cancel the
changes. Entering [→] won't let me leave the ∇-mode. I have to end it
with '∇'? BUT then, only the header remains - whole function body is
no longer available:

[2] [⎕]
[0]   z←a plus b
[1]   z←a+b
[2] [0.5] ⍝ a comment
[0.6] [→]                    ⍝ I am not leaving the ∇-mode?
[0.6] ∇                      ⍝ I have to leave with ∇?
[0]   z←a plus b
      ⎕CR 'plus'
↓z←a plus b│

Is this a bug, or is there another way to leave the ∇-mode without
saving last changes?

br & many thanks - Otto

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