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Moving from svn to git and source forge to github.

From: Peter Teeson
Subject: Moving from svn to git and source forge to github.
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2019 21:15:04 -0500

GNUApl seems to me to be pretty stable at the present time. So I’m wondering 
what people think about the following:

My sense is that Git is the version control system of choice these days and has 
pretty much replaced SVN the way it replaced CVS.

There is git-svn module which provides bi-directional maintenance capability. 
In particular will preserve in git the historical svn commit meta data if 

Similarly github has replaced sourceforge for collaborative project 

Been working with both git and github for a couple of years now and wonder how 
folks feel about moving to them?
IMO I think it would be a good move to future proof the source since I think 
very few people are learning svn anymore.

Comments?     And yes I’d be willing to take a shot at it. 
Not just out of curiosity  but with the intention of switching for the future 
proofing reason at some cutoff date.



P.S. Learning the basics of git are not too difficult and there are lots of 
good tutorials as well as the git book which is freely downloadable.

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