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Crash with inner product and Match

From: August Karlstrom
Subject: Crash with inner product and Match
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 18:43:26 +0100
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When I try to evaluate the expression below I get a crash:

      1 ∧.≡ 1 1

Assertion failed: !sub_val->is_simple_scalar()
in Function:      PointerCell
in file:          PointerCell.cc:30

Call stack:

-- Stack trace at PointerCell.cc:30
0x7F7F6CADC09B __libc_start_main
0x561D35192565  main
0x561D352DE3F5   Workspace::immediate_execution(bool)
0x561D351DF2E1    Command::process_line()
0x561D351DFCF5     Command::do_APL_expression(UCS_string&)
0x561D351DF37F      Command::finish_context()
0x561D351E7BE7       Executable::execute_body() const
0x561D35285000        StateIndicator::run()
0x561D352197A4         Prefix::reduce_statements()
0x561D35213188          Prefix::reduce_A_F_B_()
0x561D351EF033           DerivedFunction::eval_AB(Value_P, Value_P)
0x561D351B9AC2 Bif_OPER2_INNER::eval_ALRB(Value_P, Token&, Token&, Value_P)
0x561D3521B32C             PointerCell::PointerCell(Value*, Value&)
0x561D351A68FA do_Assert(char const*, char const*, char const*, int)

SI stack:

Depth:      0
Exec:       0x561d37293aa0
Safe exec:  0
Pmode:      ◊  1 ∧.≡ 1 1
PC:         5 (7) ENDL
Stat:       1 ∧.≡ 1 1
err_code:   0x0


I use GNU APL 1.8 from the standard repository in Debian 10 (stable).

$ apl --version
    Project:        GNU APL
    Version / SVN:  1.8 / Unversioned directory
    Build Date:     2019-07-16 11:55:11 UTC
    Build OS:       Linux 4.19.0-5-amd64 x86_64
    config.status:  default ./configure options
    Archive SVN:

-- August

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