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[Bug-apl] scripting )copy question

From: enztec
Subject: [Bug-apl] scripting )copy question
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2017 19:10:32 -0700

#!/usr/local/bin/apl --script --

⍝⍎')copy SQL.apl' ⍝ for sqlite fns


⍎')copy SQL.apl' ⍝ for sqlite fns

⍎')fns'   ⍝ doesn't show SQL∆Connect

db←'sqlite' SQL∆Connect '/sqlite/tutorial.db'
⍝db←'sqlite' ⎕sql[1] '/sqlite/tutorial.db'



)fns    ⍝ shows SQL∆Connect 


the ⎕sql[1] is in the apl so using it doesn't require anything but starting apl

the SQL∆Connect is a fns in the SQL.apl so to use it the )copy must be done

the question is why doesn't the 2 )copy in the sqlite fns bring in the function 
SQL∆Connect until after the sqlite function is run - it says dumped?

if i uncomment the   1 )copy the SQL.apl fns are loaded

it is the same behavior in apl workspace

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