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[Bug-apl] Keyboard Support

From: Martin R. Bartels
Subject: [Bug-apl] Keyboard Support
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2016 18:21:24 -0500


In apl.xmodmap/apl.xkb/apl.xkm (and others mapping and ) I'd recommend using:

Char       Location    Codepoint Now   Codepoint Proposed

             alt-e                       2208 []               220A []

              alt-shift-e            22F8 []               2377 []

This way, if someone has programmed the APL characters into a font you are using, you get them (as with: APL385).

The output of ]keyb would need to be adjusted as well.

I'd recommend (though less important)...

€              alt-shift-u            nothing                                20AC [€]

¿              alt-shift-q            nothing                                00BF [¿]

¡              alt-shift--             nothing                                00A1 [¡]

           alt-shift-v            nothing                                2366 []  (for this last one, just "perhaps")


You have dollar, yen, and pound-sterling.  Where's the Euro? (I'm saying this and I'm from the US!)

You have ? positions available so make the alt-shift produce inverted ? (spanish)
Likewise alt-shift-hypen can do inverted ! (spanish)

These aren't "huge deals" - but nice.

The last one is the least certain one.  Since it is an unused character for gnu-apl I'm not terribly concerned.  Before implementing it, it might be wise to see what else from NARS or others should be included. 

Again, Thanks!

Martin R. Bartels

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