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Re: [Bug-apl] Near Proof of concept of an )edit somefunction_name

From: Elias Mårtenson
Subject: Re: [Bug-apl] Near Proof of concept of an )edit somefunction_name
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 12:11:37 +0800

On 22 March 2016 at 12:06, David B. Lamkins <address@hidden> wrote:
But after forty years, several bouts with RSI (mostly pointer-related, but also "Emacs pinky")

Did you remap caps-lock to control? If I have to use a system that doesn't have that, my pinky hurst after 30 seconds of use. On machines where I do, I have no problems.
and numerous occasions of having to work as a guest on systems where Emacs wasn't installed, I figured it was time to learn vi. (Nano, of course, is broadly available but not especially helpful.) It took me about three weeks to make the transition.

A lot of people seems to be really happy with Evil (the vi mapping for Emacs).


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