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[Bug-apl] Near Proof of concept of an )edit somefunction_name

From: Fred Weigel
Subject: [Bug-apl] Near Proof of concept of an )edit somefunction_name
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 18:02:58 +0000


Back in August, I started using GNU APL -- the first thing I did was to
bring up the Toronto Toolkit. The second was to implement edit function
and edit array. Find attached my work.

I convert the text of the function to a 'del' definition, edit it, and
then read it in with )copy. A )reset could be added, but I decided
against that.

Yes, I understand that xed and xeda are horrible hacks -- they work for
me. If you want to generalize and and to bits&pieces, feel free to do

cr2lf is defined here to allow "easier" bringing in of external data
into a workspace. howdel is a reminder of the features of the del editor
(and some tricks, like capturing interactive for definition).

Fred Weigel

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