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[Bug-apl] working with )HOST

From: alexweiner
Subject: [Bug-apl] working with )HOST
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2016 19:54:40 -0700
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Hi Bug-apl,

Currently, at a point in my code I do something like this:

⍝assume the variable 'yadda' exists and is correctly formed, as well as the read_file function
success←yadda ⎕fio[7] tie← 'wr'⎕FIO[3] "yadda.file"
)host ./shellscript.sh yadda.file yadda.file.new
yadda_new← read_file "yadda.file.new"
⍝end of code

My question is: is there either 1. a way to feed )host a variable (I don't think that is possible) or 2. a better way to implement this task in its entirety. I find it a small nuisance that I have to write and then read a file in my code to access non-APL stuff for processing.


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