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Re: [Bug-apl] )DUMP-HTML command

From: Louis Chretien
Subject: Re: [Bug-apl] )DUMP-HTML command
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 16:25:20 -0400

Very good news indeed!

I think you just addressed the points I was about to try and make… ;-)))

  • the extension for the file should probably be .html for the webpage stuff, and stay .apl for the real dump. This would make it even clearer that the .html is for web browsing and not workspace interchange. On top of that, if you double-click it in your file browser, it would open automatically in the browser.
  • If you ever want to add fancier formatting, additional HTML headers (to separate functions, variables, Quads…), some CSS stylesheets, etc… it would be easier to have separate file formats for that.
  • it is not necessarily a good idea to have )LOAD try and understand HTML-based file format. I believe they serve two different purposes and if worse comes to worst, somebody can certainly copy/paste in a straight .apl file the sections from a browser window, without having to burden the )LOAD parser unduly.

Like I said, I believe you addressed most of my points already.

But for consistency’s sake, since we have a )COPY and )PCOPY (Protected COPY) and a )IN and )PIN (Protected INput), it would be more consistent to have an )HDUMP (HTML DUMP) command than the )DUMP-HTML one.

But this is just nitpicking… ;)

Again, thanks for the new functionality.

On 2015-05-31, at 11:45, Juergen Sauermann <address@hidden> wrote:


I have done some tests with the new HTML output format of the )DUMP command.
Unfortunately a few things like cut-and-paste did not work as expected because some
characters (like <) need to be HTML-escaped which makes the files incompatible.

For that reason I have reverted the )DUMP command to produce non-HTML code as before and
instead introduced a new command )DUMP-HTML that produces HTML-tagged APL code that
can be displayed on or cut-and-pasted from web pages.

The )LOAD command understands both output formats. That means that you can cut-and-paste a workspace
from a web page (which would remove the HTML tagging, so the file name should be .apl) but also wget it
(which keeps the HTML tagging, so the file extension should be .html). The HTML-tagging understood by the )LOAD
command is somewhat limited (basically to what
)DUMP-HTML produces).

SVN 637.

/// Jürgen

Louis Chrétien

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